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Automated Regression Testing

​Simulate production environment in CI pipeline and identify breaking changes before your users do

Backed by YC

Push your changes

Functional coverage

Test APIs with all possible parameters which happen in prod and avoid missing edge cases

Mocked dependencies 

Ensure consistency with prod by automated mocking for dependencies and databases instead of low quality seeded data and mocks

Microservice Architecture

Understand upstream and downstream impact of your change


How CodeParrot works

CodeParrot replays production traffic in CI pipeline to highlight the impact of every change. Catch breaking changes before your users do 

API Traffic Recording

Record Production Traffic

Add our library to your backend services to safely record production traffic

API Traffic Replay

Replay traffic 

Replay the requests coming to your microservice on your local machine. CodeParrot highlights the impact of your change

Use cases

Testing in Production

Ensure high production scenario coverage by recording all unique API requests 


Smoothen migration process by ensuring consistent functionality with legacy services 

Event-Driven Architecture

Use record-replay strategy to generate event simulations for dealing with a large number of events and complex workflows

Latest From CodeParrot

Meet the Team

CodeParrot is built by passionate developers solving their own problems

By developers for developers

Built for Developers, by Developers

Turnkey integration in your existing workflow

Install using libraries for your favourite languages

Add to your CI pipeline

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